Weekly Games Thread Carves a Face (Into a Pumpkin, Specifically)

Happy Monday, everyone! And welcome to our Weekly Games Thread!

It’s October, which means Halloween, which means pumpkins (or “punkins” in Homestar Runner parlance). And that’s my prompt: what is your favorite pumpkin or use of a pumpkin in a video game.

…Look, you try coming up with wildly unique ideas on a regular basis*. And honestly, I’m sure there are plenty more, and more fun, examples of seasonal gourds that this deceptively easy prompt suggests. Like, you’re probably thinking of a jack-o-lantern – and suggest them, because they rule – but what about Yeto’s Soup from Twilight Princess? That’s got a pumpkin in it! That counts!

* This is not a complaint. I like making these quite a bit.

Whether or not you wish to indulge me in this silliness, please tell us about what kind of video game escapades the weekend brought you!