Let’s Talk Arrowverse – The Gang’s All Here (Mostly)

Have you all enjoyed the shortest “Summer” hiatus ever? Well, it’s over now, because Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow are back with new episodes! (The Flash won’t return till November 16th)

Batwoman had a fun season premiere. Keeping Alice involved in the plot is requiring a lot of narrative gymnastics, but if you roll with it, she’s as much a joy to watch as ever. Bringing in a lot of classic, superpowered Batman rogues (or legacy versions of them) is a great hook for the season that promises to shake things up. And, as ever, we had Mary being both the best and woefully unappreciated by everyone around her.

Although … Mary, you do realize skin counts as an organ, right? I wouldn’t normally recommend flaying a person, but if you’re stalling for time …

Legends of Tomorrow picked up right where last season left off … though you can tell this episode was filmed at a different time of year. They replay the last moments of the Season 6 finale, where everyone is bundled up, wearing layers. Then, as soon as we cut to a new scene, they’ve all taken off their coats, and half of them have switched to sleeveless shirts.

This premiere was also a lot of fun. Obviously a lot of table setting going on, establishing a radically different status quo for the season, but a wild romp all the same. Jes MacAllan in particular got to show off her range, taking Ava through various stages of panic, steely determination, and “Hit the floor boys, this a robbery!” Also, Nate screaming as he opens the door to Hell made me laugh out loud.

Interesting that, within the span of two weeks, both Legends and Supergirl had a novice sorcerer worry about their ineptitude at magic, and receive a pep talk from someone who tells an anecdote about having tried to do something the exact same way as their parent, only to realize they needed to forget imitating them and do things their own way to get good at it. Like, did the writers read the same inspirational blog post or something?

Speaking of Supergirl, was anyone else thinking that, in order to inspire a hope that would “last longer than the Sun”, someone would declare, “Well, then we have to destroy the Sun!”?

Maybe I’m just thinking in those terms because it looks like Nyxly is about to meet up with Lex Luthor, and that’s exactly the approach he’d take. Not gonna lie, the prospect of that teamup has me hyped!

All the stuff with Alex and Kelly bonding with Esme was cute, though I can’t help questioning the wisdom of sharing all their superhero secrets with a young child they barely know.

Oh, and I don’t know if Grampton St. Rumpterfrabble is still stopping by this thread or watching Supergirl, but this episode gave us approximately two seconds of J’onn looking like a Martian. I know they’d appreciate that.

As for Stargirl … at this point, I’m probably going to end up watching the season months later when my library gets it on DVD, the same as I did for Season 1.

Question of the Week: Which character would you most like to see wear a comics accurate costume?