Comic Book Review – Superman/Batman #62 (September 2009)

Superman/Batman 62 (September 2009)

Writers – Michael Green and Michael Johnson

Artist – Rafael Alberquerque

I set aside a bunch of comics for last year’s Month of Horror/Road to Halloween Reviews that I was unfortunately unable to get to, but I am using a few for this year’s edition.

Robin and Supergirl meet in Gotham City for lunch and reminisce about the first time they ever teamed up. Batman and Superman were called to a meeting with the Justice League and Robin shows Supergirl around the Batcave. An emergency alert from GCPD blares and the two head over to Arkham Asylum immediately. The prisoners are rioting inside and have taken hostages but no demands are requested at the moment. Supergirl rushes in, guns blazing, as Robin goes in after her. Can they quell the mass hysteria and chaos inside the facility or are they in over their heads?

I love the cover art by Alberquerque because it invokes a sense of mystery and suspense. The two young heroes are unsure what lies ahead as the prisoners watch them from behind their cells.

This issue is a done in one and fits the theme of the season perfectly. There is a little bit of comedy at the beginning of the issue so the story isn’t all doom and gloom. Tim and Linda Lang discuss their bosses and how unbearable it is to work from them. If you were a customer at the diner, you would think it was a normal, mundane conversation but to the reader we see Robin and Supergirl put through the paces by Batman and Superman.

I really enjoyed how Kara and Tim both have each other’s backs during the course of the issue. This is the first time they are working together and they use both their brains and brawn to try to save the innocent staff members from the evil machinations of the villains inside Arkham. They both try to make their mentors proud and stay levelheaded during a very stressful life or death situation. I believe this marks the first time that Supergirl met The Joker post-Crisis. You’ll have to read this issue to see how it plays out.

One day, I would like to see an ongoing or mini-series that showcases the extended Superman/Batman families teaming up. There are so many characters underutilized that it would be great to see them get the spotlight for a change. For now, go track this issue down and give it a read to fill the void.