Return of the Curse of the Friday Politics Thread’s Ghost

Another week comes to a close, and things are in a holding pattern. No BBB signed yet. No infrastructure bill. Subpoenas are out for a number of people, but no hearings yet on 1/6. Still lots of COVID. At least the government is still open.

BoobieTales: This weekend, we will be going to our first wedding since the before times. They are being super strict. We all have to upload our vaccination cards to their google docs page, and we were all mailed an instant COVID test that we have to take the morning of, and are not allowed to come (duh) if we test positive. So I guess I have no excuse not to go, unless I go out and get COVID today.

RoRo tales: Halloween costumes are picked out. This is the first time RoRo was an active participant in the decision making. Which unfortunately means she won’t be a dinosaur. Adorable pictures to come later in the season.

As usual, no Garrison, no McSquirreling, no Hog Poggling, no Zebra Smuggling. Happy Friday!