The First of the Columbo Night Threads (10/5)

Avocados, you are blessed. I, My My My, have the Night Thread for three nights in a row. Naturally I wanted to use this opportunity to bring more Columbo into your life. But in what form? I’m glad you asked. Tonight I present part one of a three-part series, a triptych if you will, which I call Columbo Uses the Telephone.

Our first meeting of man and machine comes in season two, episode five, “Requiem for a Falling Star.” The players are a smitten Columbo, Anne Baxter as Hollywood legend Nora Chandler, and Columbo’s offscreen brother-in-law George. We are tantalized with the promise of Mrs. Columbo at the other end of the phone, but alas, as you will see, she went to get fish.

He’s so charming! And so charmed! Yes, she’s the murderer.