Let’s Talk Arrowverse – MacGuffin Quest

Still catching up on Stargirl (at this point, I feel like those might end up being the words on my tombstone), but I caught this week’s Supergirl, and we were back to barrel of fun territory!

Wasn’t the greatest episode ever, but it bounced around so kinetically from one wild situation to another, it couldn’t help but be a ripping good time. My favorite part, though, was the effect that some extra courage juice had on J’onn. You’d expect a normally stoic character having all their fears of expressing themselves removed would be an anarchic, mood-swinging wreck. Instead … J’onn basically turns into Community‘s Elroy Patashnik at a wedding.

Something that’s kinda weird is Lena’s reluctance to accept the existence of witches and magic. I mean, she was around during Season 3. She helped the Superfriends fight that very same witch she speaks to via hologram. She built a device to transport them into a mystic realm described in Kryptonian legend. And we can’t blame this on Crisis, ’cause Lena kept all her Earth-38 memories.

Question of the Week: What’s been your favorite “something’s affecting the hero’s personality” plot?