Monster Cereal 50th Anniversary Day Thread

Welcome to October! This might be my favorite time of year here at the Avocado. I love posting Halloween related Open Threads and this year is no exception! We are kicking off the Road to Halloween with the 50th Anniversary Celebration of General Mills’ Monster Cereals. For me, the first sure sign of Fall is when Frankenberry, BooBerry, and Count Chocula make their appearance at the grocery store.

General Mills released Monster Mash to celebrate the 50th anniversary of these cereals and their beloved mascots. I have a box but I haven’t tried it yet.

One of my favorite things to do is buy a box of Frankenberry and save it for later in the year, cracking it open sometime during the Summer as a special treat, when I need a break from Ohs andFrosted Mini-Wheats.

Something to Discuss – Which Monster Cereal is your favorite? Have you had any this year yet?