Craig of the Creek Night Thread

We are a community of animation fans1 but we have very few references to Craig of the Creek. So I am here to tell you all to watch it! Right now! Turn on Cartoon Network or HBOMax and start watching!

Craig Williams is a 9 year old boy who is among the Stump Kids association at the Creek.2 I compare Craig of the Creek to Recess often: it’s a show about the way kids see the world except that setting outside of school allows the relationships to transcend grade levels and campuses.3 The kids form groups by interests, such as The Pony Girls, The Tea Timers, and Alliance of Science. Set in Maryland suburbs outside DC, the cast is very diverse in both ethnicity and identity.

The Ground is Lava is a good showcase of how the show treats the kids’ imaginations.

CotC comes from the Cal Arts Tree, it shares direct DNA with site favorite Steven Universe. Possibly the biggest endorsement I can give is that all the characters are interesting and one of my favorites is Jessica, Craig’s younger sister, and I am an oldest child who is not amused by the stereotypical youngest child character. If nothing else, Cartoon Network has a few episodes that can be watched for free online. Check it out!4