Star Wars: Visions – Discussion Thread

On September 22, Disney+ released Star Wars: Visions – A 9-episode anthology series in which Lucasfilm has invited various anime studios to play in the Star Wars universe. I was extremely excited to see Star Wars approached with new visual flavor, and more than happy with what I’ve watched so far. I’ve seen some other people excited about the show, so I thought we should have a space to discuss it.


The Duel –  Kamikaze Douga

Tatooine Rhapsody – Studio Colorido

The Twins – Studio Trigger

The Village Bride – Kinema Citrus

The Ninth Jedi – Production I.G

T0-B1 – Science SARU

The Elder – Studio Trigger

Lop and Ochō – Geno Studio

Akakiri – Science SARU

Since I assume people may want to check this thread out before they’ve finished watching all the episodes, I’d recommend tagging spoilers (and specifying which episodes you are spoilering).