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The Wednesday Politics Thread

It took the persistent national coverage of the disappearance of a White, blonde young Woman for the country to come to a few key realizations:

• Men are still killing their partners instead of simply letting go and moving on with their lives;

• Far too many cops are still in bad need of training, not only in recognizing the signs of domestic and mental abuse, but in also handling situations of abuse accordingly instead of coddling the fragile entitled feelings of abusers, therefore further abetting the violence done against victims;

• Society at large is still conditioned to protect, legitimize, and justify White Male abusers instead of protecting the victims of abuse, until too late;

• And many are today finally recognizing, with shock, the disturbing realities of Missing White Woman Syndrome, of the staggering number of Black, Indigenous, LGBTQI, and People of Color regularly disappearing but hardly making a blip in local news coverage, let alone national news, and how society itself reacts with absolute disinterest if their disappearance ever makes that small blip.


Just recently, America listened in shocked horror to heartbreaking testimonies of victims who came forward and revealed their abuse to the FBI, but that under the leadership of James B. Comey, the FBI had lied and attempted to hide and dismiss the rape and sexual assault of hundreds of U.S. gymnasts, mostly Girls and Women. The same James Comey who fostered a climate of abuse and condoned blunt discrimination against Women within the FBI ranks. The same James Comey who ignored his boss, a Woman, warning against breaking norms nine days before the 2016 general elections; the same James Comey who opted to preen in front of the media camera lenses and falsely accuse the Democratic Presidential Candidate, a Woman, while conveniently hiding how the Republican Presidential Candidate, a Man, and his campaign were under FBI investigation. Once again, America witnessed how obvious signs of abuse were ignored, delegitimized, and dismissed by law-enforcement because the victim was a Woman and the perpetrator was a White Man. America is also often reminded that the January 6, 2021 insurrection was planned, strategized, financed and perpetrated by a majority of White Men in order to subvert Democracy and elevate the epitome of vile entitled privileged White Man; that the Party of White Men has attempted multiple times to block investigations on their own peers who may have aided and abetted attacks on American Democracy; and that a majority of mass-shooters are White Men, often arrested instead of being shot and killed on the spot by a law-enforcement body too quick on the trigger when it comes to dealing with BIPOC…

No, I’m not here to condemn all White Men. I don’t have hatred for White men either. But I do hold a lot of hatred for a system that keeps aiding and abetting their cruelty, their constant disdain for other people’s lives, other people’s mental health and wellbeing, other people’s fundamental and basic Human Rights. You see, none of all the big talks, big promises, big bloviating monologs for Equity and Equality and Taxing the Rich, big fighting words and Twitter threads for Women’s Rights to bodily autonomy, for Civil Rights, for LGBTQI Rights, none of your fevered tweets and speeches in support of Progressive values will ever bear significant fruit and affect lasting change if you don’t recognize and address the very real dangers that centering White Male Grievances has begotten you, America. The constant coddling of the most privileged and entitled instead of holding them up to the same standards that you hold everyone else, as well as holding them accountable for their actions has caused the genocide of the American People, has needlessly hurt and ended countless lives and crashed world-wide economies. When you center and amplify White Male Grievances you give it more power. You legitimize it. You justify it.

And you become its cruel vile accomplice.

Don’t you think it’s high time to dare and change behaviors, dare to center the victims instead of the perpetrators? Something something about finally putting an end to repeating irrational behavior while expecting different results, and all that jazz.

Have a great Wednesday, Politicadoes!