AvocaD&D and Tabletop Gaming: Yig Snake Grandaddy, Part 9

Welcome back to the weekly D&D and Tabletop Gaming thread!  Here’s a place where we can talk about Dungeons & Dragons or any other tabletop games that you nerds might be into.  Tell us about the games you’re playing, speculate about future expansions, recruit your fellow Avocados into new groups, whatever you want.

Our discussion topic for this week is the Cleric’s Nature Domain. These Clerics worship deities of Nature, from guardians of sacred groves or deep forests to those presiding over farmlands and pastures. Whereas Druids revere Nature as a whole, Nature Clerics serve a particular deity, taking a more active role in advancing their interests on the material plane.

As an Acolyte of Nature at 1st level, you gain proficiency with heavy armor, as well as either the Animal Handling, Nature, or Survival skill. You also learn one cantrip of your choice from the Druid spell list. In addition, you begin learning Domain Spells, which are spells that are always prepared and don’t count against the number of spells you have prepared each day. Your Domain Spells include Animal Friendship and Speak With Animals at 1st level, Barkskin and Spike Growth at 3rd, Plant Growth and Wind Wall at 5th, Dominate Beast and Grasping Vine at 7th, and Insect Plague and Tree Stride at 9th level.

At level 2, you can use your Channel Divinity to Charm Animals and Plants. As an action, you can present your holy symbol and force each beast or plant creature within 30 feet of you to make a WIS save. On a failure, the creature is charmed by you for 1 minute or until it takes any damage. While charmed, it is friendly to you and your allies.

At 6th level, you can use a reaction to Dampen Elements and protect yourself or your allies from the effects of elemental damage. When you or a creature within 30 feet of you takes acid, fire, lightning, thunder, or cold damage, you can grant resistance to that type of damage for that hit, halving the amount of damage taken. There’s no limit to how often you can use this feature, but remember that you only get 1 reaction per round.

At level 8, you can make Divine Strikes with your weapon attacks, dealing an extra 1d8 of cold, fire, or lightning damage on a hit. This extra damage increases to 2d8 when you reach level 14.

Finally at 17th level, you are a Master of Nature. Any beast or plant effected by your Charm Animals and Plants ability will follow your commands. You must use your bonus action on your turn to verbally tell them what you want them to do, and they’ll do it on their next turn to the best of their ability.

Players and Characters

Wafflicious is in the DM’s seat for this 5e Cthulhu Mythos adventure. Our players include:

  • JosephusBrown as Anton Illinois (Human Inquisitive Rogue/Fighter), a disgraced archaeology professor who has turned to seeking arcane rituals
  • CleverGuy as Bastian Updelver (Deep Gnome Alchemist Artificer), an eccentric local potionmaker
  • TheHayesCode as Hazel Green (Dhampir Spirits Bard), a flapper, séance MC, and aspiring spiritualist
  • Spiny Creature as Ku (Kenku Twilight Cleric), a local priestess of Bastet, goddess of protection
  • The Wasp as Leah Zann (Tiefling Great Old One Warlock), a professor from Miskatonic University who accepted a deal with Yog Sothoth to get an advantage over her male colleagues
  • Otto as Minty Rocksmasher (Dwarf Berserker Barbarian), survivor of an eldritch accident which decimated her tribe

Just a quick recap today–We continued our escape from the Snake-People after killing the spy placed in our group. We were immediately ambushed by snakes-people in the next room and had to fight them while avoiding falling into a handful of large snake pits. Then we continued on until we found a larder, where a troll was chained up. We could tell that the snake-people had been repeatedly cutting off the trolls limbs for food, and then letting the troll regenerate to do it again. Sort of smart, but also very cruel. We let the troll free and even found another of our allies, Shorty, chained up in the kitchen and being forced to cook the severed troll limbs. We freed him too, then moved on to what looked like a barracks, where we took out a few more snake-people with some help from our new troll friend (affectionately nicknamed “Bitey”) and did some looting. After that fight, we stopped for a short rest–this dungeon is fairly big and we have no idea where the exit is. Maybe we should try to take a snake-person alive sometime and get them to lead us to the door.