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Happy Monday, The Avocado! Welcome to our Weekly Video Games Thread!

Today’s topic: bars! Bars, cafes, and general small places to get a drink or a bit; they’re a part of many of our lives (or, at least were in a pre-pandemic climate). And video games have often had them. Think about the nice little restaurant in a JRPG. The local pub in a life simulator. And the characters that run them! There are some wonderful bartenders and baristas; any particular favorites stand out?

Of course, there are also real life gaming bars and cafes. If you’ve experienced any of them, any particular favorites? And what have you been playing, lately?

(As a side note, this image had trouble “officially” loading in the editing room, even though it loaded fine in the preview. I’m sorry if there’s a problem; I tried deleting it to replace it and couldn’t)