Friday Funday – Blended Neurons

This week on Friday Funday, we’re going to be playing with The Avocado’s new favorite toy, Neural Blender. Neural Blender is a site where you enter in some text, and it will create surreal artwork based on what you enter. For example, here is a result for “Steamed Hams“:

The game this week is to create your own images using Neural Blender, and for other people to try to guess (approximately) what word or phrase you entered.

To create an image, go to and enter in your phrase. You can play with the settings a bit or pay for premium tier settings if you so desire, but it’s not necessary. After you’ve entered your phrase, be patient, and an image will be created in around five minutes or so.

Remember, a big part of the game is getting other people to guess what you’ve made, so try not to post ones that are too abstract or lacking in detail. But that doesn’t mean you have to make it too easy for people.