Werewolf 163: Dire Manor Day 1

Oh hello, hello! I’m so glad you all made it! Things have been just DREADFUL lately. As if being a scappy orphan isn’t hard enough, Father’s vile Business Associates are trying to take the only thing I have to remember him – his fortune!

But enough about me! You are quite the eclectic bunch, aren’t you? I just KNOW you can help me, and I can’t wait to learn more about all of you! Thank you so much for coming! Oh and, yes, of course there will be a monetary reward.

Little Lord Wolfington

Twilight shall be at 2:00 PM on September the 17th.

This Werewolf setup puts a spin on our standard rules as teams will also be responsible for moving around a physical game board as a day action. Each team will have a base number of moves that can possibly be influenced as the game progresses. Players can move in cardinal directions, but not diagonally. Each board tile will have a corresponding number. 

Of course, standard Werewolf rules also apply! 

Town’s win condition is to eliminate the scum factions(s)

Wolves must outnumber town.

??? must ???

Please make at least 3 comments a day to keep the game moving, otherwise you may find yourself modkilled!! 

Attack arguments not people, and remember this is just a game! The most important thing is to have fun and allow others to do the same. 🙂

Roleplays are not required but encouraged. It’s a spooky house, I’m sure you can think of something 😛

17 Guests (Vanilla Town)

1 Space investigator – can peek under a board tile every night 🙂

1 Jailkeeper

4 Business Associates (WOLVES!)

-Sneakster (Wolf may peak at an adjacent space as a night action)

-Trickster (May switch two game board times – 2 shot)

-Trapster (Roleblocker)

-Larry (Vanilla – just happy to be included)

1 – EMPTY VESSEL – You gaze into their eyes and see no light.

Team Nook 

Goat @GoatfulDead:disqus

Tiff Aching @tiffachingsgoldenhare:disqus

Jam @JamMoritarty:disqus

Hayes @TheHayesCode:disqus

Raven’n’Rose @ravenampersand:disqus

Copywight @copywight:disqus

Team Link

MacCrocodile @MacCrocodile:disqus

Marlowe @marlowespade:disqus

Narrowstrife @narrowstrife:disqus

Grumproro  @Grumproro:disqus

Shinichiki @shinichiki:disqus

Wasp** @unstoppablewasp:disqus

Team Koopa

Side Character @side_character:disqus

April @April_LKD:disqus

Ralph @RalphWaldoWiggum:disqus

Emmelemm @emmelemm:disqus 

Banner @bannerthief:disqus

Nate @NateTheLesser:disqus

Team Splat 

Malthusc – @malthusc:disqus

Sic @sic_humor:disqus

Hoho @hohodor:disqus

Cop @copontheedgeish:disqus

Smokey @disqus_76Ia43yyLD:disqus

Louie @louiebb:disqus