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The Road To Meaningful Greatness – Wednesday Politics Thread

Good morning, Politicadoes!

First things first, just in case you missed it:

After months of peddling lies to an already disarrayed base, amplifying dangerous anti-science propaganda, pushing incompetent, unqualified, self-hating xenophobic, anti-Black nazi-loving grifters, the most unhinged faction of the Republican Party lost yet another attempt at subverting the will of the majority.

The most frustrating part of this recall endeavor is that it forced the State of California to spend over $250 million on a travesty. Its only accomplishment was giving a national stage to shady characters while openly making a mockery out of democratic norms, and there will be no meaningful consequences to all those involved in pushing the recall.

A society normalizing lack of accountability, but only for the Party of White Supremacy. A party slaughtering their own in full view; encouraging each other to stoop lower, to dumb-down their fevered followers further, and most heinously, they’re elevating stupidity into an art form worthy of praise, admiration, and blind loyalty.

And despite moments of clarity where some suddenly realize they’re the sheep being lead to slaughter just to preserve the lies of a butthurt egotistical genocidal maniac, those moments do not last long enough for them to save themselves from the grasps of the Conman’s cult, let alone help protect their own children and loved ones laboring for breath in emergency rooms across the nation.

And this has been often the problem with extremism. Instead of holding their leadership, their mentors, their celebrated public figures accountable, they rather elevate and seek to protect the most toxic authoritarian elements, pretending it is the truest form of masculinity worthy of loyalty, while encouraging and fostering echo-chambers circle-jerks where their cult figures never learn, never grow, never evolve.

For all the bullshit often blamed on the Democratic Party, they remain a lot more caring and empathetic towards not just their base, but everyone living in their country and that’s because their own base holds them to higher standards. Witness their reaction when one of their own spouts bullshit, whether about process or their cousin’s friend’s swollen testicle. They do not defend or seek to protect from well-deserved ridicule; doesn’t matter if that person has a huge social media following, or has often promoted Democratic Party candidates, or raised money for the party; when someone uses their platform to misinform and put people’s lives in danger, they get DRAGGED. Mercilessly!

They don’t get coddled, no one makes excuses for their stupidity, and their fans refuse to allow them to get away with their lies.

This is why the Democratic Party is full of admirable Civil Servants who have spent their lives pushing for meaningful lasting progress: Accountability makes people better. It pushes a great potential into becoming a transformative figure that unites and mobilizes nations to defeat the toxic cruelty of Privilege and Entitlement; a leading figure who will affect legislation that lifts people up instead of keeping them down. Dare to hold your favorite public figures accountable; hold them to the high standards they promote embracing and hold others to. Do not coddle their egos whenever they lack good judgment, but push them instead into becoming the great icons you believe is within the reach of their potential.

Have a great Wednesday, Politicadoes!