30 Day Sports Challenge Day 13: Your Worst Sport

The month of September is all about sports and we’re going to cover a wide range of things this month with prompts from Mr. Ixolite and myself to flesh it out.

As we dig into this month of sports, today we’re getting into the activities that we play ourselves. I grew up playing a lot of stuff in the streets with my fellow kids, and engaged in a range of activities at school. But on my own time I was big into both soccer and tennis, mostly because I was terribly at the really popular sports like baseball and football. I hated the idea of a ball that fast coming at me and all it took was one bad tackle for me to realize I never wanted to go through that again. It’s largely carried into adulthood and when I did play, it’d be tennis. Baseball is still my worst sport though.

Bonus prompt: While that may be your worst sport, which one would you want to be better at beyond that one?