Let’s Talk Arrowverse – Eat Your Broccoli … and Your Psychedelic Mushrooms

It was a big week in the Arrowverse folks, as we had the season finale of Legends of Tomorrow!

Okay, that’d feel like a bigger deal if the next season wasn’t debuting in a little over a month. Supergirl won’t even have finished this season before Legends and Batwoman start up again. Thanks, Covid!

A lot of people have been ragging on Season 6 of Legends, and I will agree that it’s been a step down for them. However, I think if you picked a random Season 6 episode, and compared it to a random pre-Season 6/post-Season 1 episode, they’d probably be about the same level of quality.

The baseline quality of the show hasn’t changed much; what’s changed is that this season hasn’t had any truly spectacular episodes. There have been some spectacular moments, but no episode I’d put in the same league as “Here I Go Again”, “The Good, the Bad, and the Cuddly”, or “The One Where We’re Trapped on TV”.

I’m only now realizing how important those standout episodes are to making a successful season. It’s not just that they’re wonderful in their own right, but they generate goodwill that buoys up the lesser episodes. People will be more invested in the characters and more forgiving of wonky plotting if they’re still riding high off a slam-banger of an ep from the week before.

That’s my two cents, anyway.

For Supergirl, I’ve got no overall thoughts on this final season yet, or even on this particular episode. Just a few minor observations:

  • Obviously, loved the opening PSA.
  • Did Clark ever teach Kara the crush-coal-into-diamonds trick? Seems like that’d be a quick fix for Orlando’s housing situation.
  • Y’know, if Kelly or James were just upfront about the real reason they became Guardian (all their friends are superheroes, and they hate being left out) I don’t think I’d groan at this storyline the way I do.
  • So, in that last scene, where Nxly has stopped playing the victim and is just openly evil … is it my imagination, or did her eyeshadow suddenly get darker?

And as for Stargirl … I do plan to get caught up sometime.

Question of the Week: If you could pick one non-superhero show for the Arrowverse to crossover with, what would it be?