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The Dire Consequences of Coddling Privilege – Wednesday Politics Thread

After spending a good portion of 2020 and 2021 pretending that Covid-19 is a hoax, resisting every precautionary norm to stop the spread of that hoax, opting to ingest horse deworming paste as preventive cure and treatment of said hoax, causing themselves temporary blindness, uncontrollable tremors, hallucinations, confusion, to shit the internal lining of their intestines in public, liver failure, coma, and death, White Supremacy has now moved on with great interest to Brazilian viper venom and organizing pilgrimages to radon-filled mines just so they don’t take a proven-effective and free vaccine.

White Supremacy is self destructing and it is being lead quicker off that cliff by immoral sycophants obsessed with spreading lies, refusing to encourage simple acts that save lives, and shamelessly lining their pockets in the process.

And all those who make it their mission to center and elevate the fragile feelings of white supremacy are asking the rest of us to show empathy and to support white supremacy in its endeavor to willingly reject science and common sense in favor of the lie du jour.

And that is something I still cannot wrap my mind around.

Why keep coddling White Privilege when all that coddling has already proven that it is only protecting it from the truth, from the realities of a country that has finally grasped the self-destructive poisonous effects of centering Privilege, of protecting it from the realities of illnesses and deaths, from the realities of facts, and even from the realities of political candidates’ track records and the reasons they do not hold favor with a majority of Communities of Color, the strongest, most informed Voting Block in America.

Why not tell them the truth, reveal these realities instead of lulling them with misinformation and even propaganda that’s intent to elevate their grievances and reinforce their sense of entitlement! Why keep enfantilizing Privilege; time to admit that it is just reinforcing its already weakened mental condition and hastening its intent to off itself.

I cannot help but think back on 2015-2016, on those who made it their mission to protect and coddle the tender fragile feelings of Privilege and Entitlement. If only those in power, those who control the narrative, and those who control Social Media’s moderator rooms had instead opted to protect Privilege from lasting mental and physical harm.

Have a great Wednesday, Politicadoes!