The Night Thread Hunts Diablos

Welcome back to another Monster Hunter field guide night thread. This time around we’ve got the Tyrant of the Desert, Diablos. Diablos was introduced in the first Monster Hunter game and has been a staple of the series ever since. As its title implies, Diablos favors desert and high heat environments. They are quite large bipedal wyverns with strong plating that serves to protect them. They have large horns and are known for their aggressive charges. Additionally, they have a large clubbed tail and a powerful roar that can stun weaker creatures. Despite these obvious weapons, they are actually herbivores that feed on cactus in the desert. They are not to be underestimated however. Diablos possess the ability to burrow and can move quite quickly under the ground, bursting out to attack anything that threatens them. That being said, while underground they are quite sensitive to sonic bombs (and certain screeching desert creatures) so a savvy hunter can actually take advantage of the situation if they think fast. Diablos are deceptively fast, especially on the charge, and they will quite literally run over unsuspecting hunters.

A hunter squaring off with a Black Diablos.

There are some variations of Diablos that are worth mentioning as well. Black Diablos are actually female Diablos in heat that get much more aggressive to the point of even attacking other Diablos. Perhaps the scariest form of Diablos is the walking rampage and appropriately named Bloodbath Diablos. This is actually a Deviant form of Diablos. When enraged its blood and body temperature rises so much and so quickly that it actually causes steam explosions of their own body fluid secretions. Hunters should take care to prepare appropriately when looking to take on any form of Diablos. They should be especially wary in desert environments as you never know what is moving around underneath the sand.

An angry Bloodbath Diablos (there is no other kind).