American Dad! Season 18, Ep. 21 “Crystal Clear”

In which a bunch of shit happens having to do with crystals

The Smiths are visiting Toshi’s house. They are very impressed with the set up. When Stan goes to find the bathroom, he sees Hideki’s fantastic rooms in his house. After he gets home, he’s so depressed with the state of his house. He’s even more depressed because Francine invited the Yoshida’s over on Saturday. Stan freaks out and goes to Roger for help. Roger suggests getting a lot of stuff to impress Hideki. Stan, who has no money, opens a credit card in Steve’s name. Stan and Roger then go on a shopping spree buying a lot of stuff, including crystals.

After the dinner, with Hideki having an “above average time”, Stan wants to return everything. But Roger reveals that he took out money from a loan shark for the crystals. After the loan shark threatens Steve, Stan and Roger have to figure out a way to get the money. After selling Stan’s car, they go to Atlantic city to try to win the money back. With the power of the crystals behind them, they win but Roger ends up blowing it on another crystal. They arrive home in time to see the loan shark and his goons breaking Steve’s legs. With the business concluded they leave, leaving Steve to a long and painful recovery.

In the B-Plot Klaus convinces Jeff to go with him to his vacation spot. There they run into Klaus’s “bro” who is getting married and failed to tell Klaus. Klaus attempts to plot revenge by getting him sick with poisoned beer. He ends up getting the best man sick. The groom then asks Jeff to be the best man, because he finds him hilarious. Klaus attempts to poison Jeff but gets himself sick when a waiter spills the beer on Klaus.

Stray observations

  • Hideki does not speak Japanese, continuing a joke that Toshi seems to be the only one in his family who does.

Thoughts: This one sucked. It just sucked. Nothing to say.