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The Wednesday Politics Thread

The biggest frustration for commonsense people who believe in, and follow the science has always been the propagandists intent on distorting information in order to amplify wariness of a political party that has stopped centering White privilege decades ago, the year Civil Rights were signed into law to be precise.

The tragedy today isn’t just in the racism, the rabid anti-Blackness, the transphobia and all the ugly irrational phobias controlling many lives, it’s in the intentional willingness to hurt themselves and their loved ones in order to “own the Libs”. Sometimes, you hope Karma would just get to it already, to take care of those causing unnecessary deaths in the name of a dysmorphic Freedom that in reality is nothing but a prison of rancid hatred and an irrational fear of change.

The heartbreak in watching karmic retribution unfold are the innocent lives lost that paved the road with needless pain and sorrow.

Oh, that last one did not die from Covid-19. I just appreciate the periodic reminder that the monster who helped strategize this mass genocide is still dead.

Go get double and even triple shotted (if you’re eligible), and make sure your loved ones are fully vaccinated too. As someone put it perfectly not that long ago, getting fully vaccinated is like wearing a seat belt; it does not prevent accidents from happening but it does significantly increase your chances of survival. Have a great Wednesday!