Werewolf 161: Suffering Game 2 – Day 3

In an astonishing development, the two main actions taken over the night canceled each other out! After a veritable wanton slaughter during Round 2, nobody was eliminated during Night 2!

Nonetheless, if you dare think for even a second that this game is about to slow down again…



Your duty as Adventurers is first and foremost to be the last player standing and win the Wonderland competition. Target the Saboteurs, other Parties, and even your own Party members by any means necessary, with votes, events, role powers, anything and everything available. The game’s events will provide ample opportunities for getting ahead of the competition, but your tactics and the heart’s desire you’re seeking, that you’re willing to fight and lie and kill for, is entirely up to you.

There are three alignment-neutral Adventuring Parties that you all are divided between. There is at least one Saboteur in each party, but between their recruitment power and simple mathematics, the risk of multiple Saboteurs in any Party will never disappear.

Take as much or as little from actual D&D as you wish with your character. That is not the RP priority here, the heart’s desire mechanic and the actions it inspires is. Again, you don’t have to volunteer what it is, just play with it in mind at all times. If you’d like to fully fictionalize your character and their personal heart’s desire instead, feel free to. 

In the new Wonderland, adventurers really can be rewarded with their heart’s desire, but only if they truly play for keeps. Innocent Adventurers and scheming Saboteurs alike are eligible for victory, but only if they’re ultimately willing to put themselves ahead of even their own factions. There will under no circumstances be opportunity for a traditional faction win of any kind, no last minute compromises to that like last time, only the purity of a single player’s victory earned in blood. Manipulate, betray, and cut throats on your way to absolute victory.

There are several central Events/Games all of you will be challenged. Returning players are familiar with some of these, like the Wheel of Misfortune and Trust or Forsake, but don’t you worry! New surprises await you within these as well.

Be prepared for: Regular spins of the Wheel of Misfortune. One person out of the entire group will be randomly selected to spin the Wheel at Twilight (and Morning on Day 1), and whatever they land on will have an effect on every living player for the following Day. Sacrifices will be made to abide what the Wheel has landed on. Spinning the Wheel is mandatory to advance forward to the next challenge of Wonderland. You may refuse to accept a given effect from the Wheel, but this will result in the penalty of an extra spin for the Day and a new sacrifice. Multiple spins will be mandatory starting today. 

Trust or Forsake pits two players and two Adventuring Parties (randomly selected) against one another, as they will vote through their respective QTs for one representative in this challenge. The representative can never be the same person as before. These two representatives will choose whether to Trust or Forsake their rival adventuring party for the day. Alternative event games like Heart Attack, the heroic dating show, Bonus Round, and Boss Rush, will occur if both representatives choose Trust. If one trusts and the other forsakes, the person who trusted dies. If both players choose forsake, a 50/50 chance will determine which of them dies. 

Basic Werewolf rules and format still apply. A Day phase where you vote for who to kill, a night phase where roled players use their powers.

DO NOT DIRECTLY QUOTE from any of your QT’s. Do not edit comments under any circumstances.

Please note that you must make a minimum of three posts per day to avoid being mod-killed.

Please be mindful that some of our players live on a different continent and will not always be able to be active at the same time as other players.


11 Adventurers

  • 7 Vanilla Adventurers
  • The Twins: Secret siblings who trust each other completely and communicate in secret. The only players who can win non-solitarily. (Masons)
  • The Protector: An adventurer who loves their comrades so wholeheartedly that they will keep them from moving or acting at all during the night. (Jailkeeper)
  • The Peacemaker: A zealous adventurer who has one now spent initial chance to brazenly attempt to remove one saboteur mid-game. (Vigilante)

2 Saboteurs 

  • Mysterious Boss: The secret leader of the saboteurs. The Boss must currently always be in play, so if they are eliminated, there will be a recruitment (Alpha Wolf)
  • 1 Vanilla Saboteur


  1. Lindsay – Catfolk Rogue, Felix Fast Fingers
  2. Sic – Halfling Druid, Glendale
  3. Hoho – Gnome Druid, Gary (Eyyyyyyyyy Gaaaarrrrrrrry)
  4. Nate – Aarakocra Ranger, Brock Honey Badger
  5. Jake – Bugbear Cleric, Moonsmile of Eldath
  6. Lamb Dance – Elf Cleric, Wolf Roleblocker
  7. Raven and Rose – Dragonborn Wizard, Aurelia Bronzeclaw
  8. Wasp – Rabbitfolk Druid, Cinder Acetylene
  9. Grump – Halfling Rogue, Bree Tealeaf
  10. Ralph – Human Monk, Benedict Ralphus, Wolf Investigator
  11. Narrowstrife – Human Wizard, Pareidolius the Intense
  12. Josephus Brown – Kenku Monk, Raven’s Prophet
  13. Hayes Code – Tiefling Bard, Unicorn Annie
  14. MIMO Grampa – Orc Barbarian, Tor , Town Investigator
  15. Lord Stoneheart – Bugbear Ranger, Oona
  16. Mrs. Queequeg – Rabbitfolk Rogue, Peter Rabbit
  17. Warrior – Chair Mimic, Adventurer
  18. Owen – Halfling Wizard, Lobelia Bracegirdle


Day 3 ends on Friday at 6PM Pacific/7PM Mountain time/9PM Eastern.

Credit for the header art goes to Berry Muffin!

This is our Wheel that will be used for Events!