Marble League 2021

Marble League 2021: Events #10-12

In today’s Marble League recap, we’re covering Steeplechase, the Sand Mogul Race, and Diving.

Steeplechase sees our marvellous marbles rolling down a sandy track while trying to avoid knocking over precariously placed sticks. A lot of teams post good times but are penalized for their carelessness in stick management. Mellow Yellow achieves both an excellent track time and a low number of penalties (just one!), which nets them the gold and starts a promising streak for them.

The Sand Mogul Race is like the fan-favourite Sand Marble Rally, except instead of a curvy track full of twists and turns, it uses a straight track full of bumps and dunes. This gives a lot of opportunity to make huge gains but also to hit obstacles and slow down. Once again, Mellow Yellow performs admirably, beating out the Indigo Stars by 11 hundredths of a second in the final to win gold.

Finally, Diving. Much like the Humanlympics’ synchronized diving event, this one involves staying in sync with one’s teammates, but instead of doing aerial flips, the marbles must hit targets in the pool.1 With no water-themed marbles in the event,2 the field is wide open. Yet again, Mellow Yellow brings the goods, demonstrating incredible discipline in the pool, but they have to settle for silver, because they are just bested by Shining Swarm, who win the gold.

After these three events, Mellow Yellow sit atop the standings, followed by Team Momo and the Raspberry Racers, who have been pushed down into second and third, respectively. The Green Ducks are slowly catching up, now sitting in fourth, though separated by a substantial margin from the top 3. Next up: the much-beloved Elimination Race!

For complete Marble League 2021 stats, please check out the Jelle’s Marble Runs Wiki.