Let’s Talk Arrowverse – Still Catching Up

So, my job remains hectic as hell right now, and I’m still way behind on my Arrowverse watching. However, I have at least managed to catch the season finale of The Flash and … hoo boy.

That may be the most The Flash has ever leaned into “just turn off your brain” storytelling. If you just don’t think about anything that’s going on, don’t try to apply any logical sense to why things are happening, or expect them to be in any way a satisfying payoff to what’s come before … so long as you do that, this finale is nothing but one fun moment after another.

Except for a handful of moments where the characters try to explain what’s happening, which: shush, my babies, you’re just hurting everyone’s heads.

Question of the Week: What, so far, has been the biggest “they’d have probably done this differently if it weren’t for Covid” moment?