The Roly-Poly Night Thread (8/18/21)

Growing up, I loved playing with roly polys, those armadillo-esque bugs that are also called pill bugs, potato bugs, and doodle bugs (“doodle bug” is pretty cute, but they’re roly polys, y’all). They’re little and harmless enough to not be scary, and they do that cute tuck and roll when threatened (a process Wikipedia says is known as conglobation, which is just fantastic).

A quick Google search has taught me that they’re really rather creepy in gif form, though,



so while I’ll continue to appreciate the little dudes, enjoy this image instead, from The Roly-Poly Pudding (aka The Tale of Samuel Whiskers) by Beatrix Potter, wherein Tom Kitten is almost baked into a pudding by the enterprising rats Samuel and Anna Maria Whiskers.

(Tom Kitten escapes unscathed, though suitably chastened, and the Whiskers move on to a life of non-murderous crime in neighboring gardens, so don’t worry!)

Have a great Night Thread, Avocados, and mind your step!