Dating, Relationships, and Sex: Hints (08/18/2021)

For some people, a subtle smile with the right expression will make them pretty confident the other person is interested. Other people (cough, me, cough) basically need the other person to walk up to them and tell them “Hey, I like you. Yes, that way. Yes, I’m sure. No I’m not pranking you. We’re going out tomorrow. Don’t be late.”

Where do you see yourself on that sliding scale? What has your experience been with where other people are on it? Have you always been roughly where you are on it today, or has that changed over time? And so on, and so forth.

As always, anything related to dating, relationships, intimacy and so on is fair game and welcome.

And of course, as usual: This is supposed to be a space to talk about intimacy and sex and relationships in safety, so don’t shame people for their kinks. But please also refrain from objectification and similarly problematic behavior. People are supposed to feel safe and comfortable here.

Have fun!