Fantasy Football 2021

As promised, I am setting up Fantasy Football for another year. Hopefully this year is less bogged down by COVID issues but well, we’ll just see. I remain your commissioner in this battle though, Harvey Dent stays strong. Now let’s get into it…

League link:

Draft time: Sunday September 5th at 5 PM (flexible time)…right now I just scheduled it to the Sunday before the season starts as that is our pattern. If this doesn’t work for anyone, let me know and I will adjust.

Next up, a roll-call from last year to see who is returning and who is not…

No Good Team Name Ideas: Harvey Dent (I remain in)

We’ll Kerryon: Kappa (still in per his word)

Grogan’s Neck Roll: atari2600 (still in)

Mexi-Mart Rams: Meximart (still in per the chat I think)

Dan’s De-Niners: Dan (still in)

Indy’s Ninja Turtles: Indeeeeeeed (still in)

Sneaky Athletic: Sludge (confirmed he’s still in to me)

BallsDeepInYourPunt: Allison (still in)

Curse of the Hambino: jonhamm (still in)

Thrillhouse: The person who this was deleted their username so I forgot! Anyways, uh I think this spot is open?…replacing

Playoffs?!: Emperor Snapper (still in)

Yardcaptor Saquon: Blazer (still in)

So yeah a lot of people to figure out right now, please let me know if you all are in. We have a few weeks so not nearly as tight of a timeline as last year. Comment below though, see where everyone is please!