Comic Book Chat – Titans

Season 3 of Titans was released last week so this Comic Book Chat is all about the Teen Titans!

I was going back to check to see if we ever discussed the Teen Titans and I couldnt find a thread dedicated to them.

The New Teen Titans is probably the greatest comic run of the 1980s (alongside the Uncanny X-Men). My goal is to read the Perez/Wolfman run one day soon.

The Teen Titans have seen their popularity rise in recent years thanks to the animated series Teen Titans Go! and their jump to live action.

Who is your favorite member of the Teen Titans?

Not counting the Wolfman/Perez run, what other run or runs are your favorite? I started getting into Teen Titans around Infinite Crisis. I also have a soft spot for the Titans run where Dick Grayson and company are reunited as adults.

Which Titans lineup is your favorite and which one fell flat?

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