American Dad! Season 18 Episode 18 “Dr. Sunderson’s SunSuckers”

In which Hayley burns it all down

Hayley and Jeff are trying to generate interest in helping the planet but no one wants to hear from them. That’s when they meet Roger (as Dr. Sunderson) and his new solar energy business. Hayley and Jeff travel with Sunderson to his business, where they see it is very slow going. Hayley wants to use Jeff’s van but Sunderson is opposed, as he is totally against using fossil fuels. Hayley tricks Sunderson in leaving for a little while, which allows Hayley to increase the sales of the solar panels. Sunderson returns and is very impressed. They manage to get their solar station (SunSucker) running and it is doing great business.

When sales start to lag again thanks to being undercut, Sunderson decides the only solution is some pollution (sorry) and detonates bombs around the power plants and gas stations in town. This causes devastation around town with smoke covering the solar station and impending explosion of a pipe line. Sunderson raises the SunSucker above the clouds where it will generate power for the wind turbines to put out the fires. This works until a Telemundo satellite gets caught. Sunderson manages to get enough sun to generate power to put out the fires. And in the end, Sunderson sells the business to the gas companies.

Meanwhile, Stan needs to solve the mystery of the missing TV guides. Stan, Steve and Klaus plan an elaborate trap but it doesn’t work and the guides still end up missing. It’s later revealed that Stan was the one stealing them all along.

Stray Observations

  • Principal Lewis again screams “It’s the end of days b*tches.” a callback to the hurricane episode
  • I enjoyed typing and saying Sunderson

Thoughts: decent episode. the B plot sucked (as they do these days) but I liked the escalation of the A Plot. A very Roger thing to do.