The White Lotus: Spoiler Space

Wealthy guests clash with the staff at a Hawaiian resort. They bounce off each other in tragicomic ways. The White Lotus encourages viewers to pick sides and pass judgement. Do the guests have a right to the vacation they paid for? Should the staff provide it in exchange for their meager salaries? My answer was “no.”

The first episode sucked me in. They established a tone and introduced ten messy characters. My interest waned when I saw these people were incapable of growth or change. Could this have worked better as a 90 minute film?

The finale rewards the status quo. The rich go home while the poor suffer. The plot twist had similarities to 1932’s Grand Hotel in which a poor man is killed breaking into a rich man’s room.

What were your thoughts on the series? Which characters were you rooting for? Can a show comment on the marginalization of native Hawaiians without marginalizing them itself? Is the rich white boy’s moment of self-actualization any sort of victory? Will you watch a second season?