Hero Force

Werewolves 160 — Hero Force 1: Calamity in Citysburg! (issue two)

MEANWHILE IN CITYSBURG — “Please! Stop panicking! If you continue to panic then no one will be able to satisfy my demands!”

The booming disembodied voice continued to plead with the people of Citysburg, but at this point there was no calming the fracas.

“People of Citysburg, your heroes are here to save you from this… gigantic meteor floating in the sky! With our abilities that mostly focus on beating up petty criminals really bad, we are surely the best people for the job!”

A futuristic airplane smoothly makes its landing; the Hero Force MultiJet™ opens its deck and quickly a platoon of men and women file out, each making a dramatic pose upon exit.

“Our entire squad is here — all of Hero Force has come to rescue you!”

“Go, go, Marlboro Man! With the power of smoking out his enemies.” A rustic man wearing cowboy regalia slowly ambles out of the MultiJet™ in a heavy cloud of smoke. When he reaches the ground, he tips his cap: “Don’t do drugs, kids!”

“Up and at ’em, meet Edna Mode! Able to kill with a single, wilting barb!” A diminutive woman with jet black hair dutifully marches down the ramp. “Thank you thank you to all my adoring fans, I love what you’ve done with the place… except for the gaudy rock in the sky, whose idea was that?”

“And remember kids, all of your favorite heroes’ action figures are available for purchase at your nearest toy store and on Amazon dot com! Including our most adorable members, the cute animal squadron:”

“Go Underdog!” And the hero doggedly rushes to greet the rest of the team.

“Go Kibbler!” And there is a pause as no one exits the jet “– erm, wait, no. We fired him before we left.”

“Go Danger Mouse!” And again, a long pause. “AHEM. GO DANGER MOUSE!”

A small body shoots out from the interior. “Ah, here he is, Danger Mouse!” But the body lands on the ground with an ugly thud. A few nearby children scream.

GOAT // DANGER MOUSE has died. They were MS. TELEPATHY (town).

“Uh, right. Well, let’s make sure he didn’t die for nothing, okay folks? We just have a couple more heroes to introduce then we can punch this meteor back to where it came from! Let’s greet them, Great Aunt Edna!”

There is no movement from the ship. “C’mon, Great Aunt Edna! … She’s up there in years. Can’t do things as fast as she normally does.”

The Gadfly runs back into the ship to hurry her along, but pauses once he gets one look inside. “Great Aunt Edna ain’t gonna join us. Guess it was her time to go.”

LINDSAY // GREAT AUNT EDNA has died. They were SILVER TONGUE (wolf).

“Well, this is a PR nightmare. Quick, finish the intros!”

“And last but most certainly not least, a Crockpot!”


Write-ups are for flavor only.

  1. Professor Detector / The Decapitator (Alignment Cop / Two-shot Vig)
  2. The Azure Investigator / Madam Guardian (Role Cop / Bodyguard)
  3. Webspinner / Pomegrenadier (Jailer / Fruit Vendor)
  4. Super Nurse / The Eye (Healer / Town Informed)
  5. The Grimdark Antihero / The Ears (Serial Killer / Role Informed)
  6. Rubber Guy / Tick Tock Boy (One-shot Mirror / Vengeful)
  7. Ms. Telepathy / The World’s Greatest Sidekick (Neighborizer / Universal Backup)
  8. The Brick Wall / Adjudicator (Roleblocker / One-shot Governor)
  9. The Dueling Dynamo / The Armorer (One-shot Gladiator / Gunsmith)
  10. Silver Tongue / General Generic (One-shot Recruiter / One-shot Double Voter)
  11. Lookout Man / Sentinel Woman (Player Insomniac / Role Insomniac)
  12. Reflector Boy / Avenging Girl (First vote Saint / Last vote Saint)
  13. The Ultra Twins (Twins x2)

Professor Detector is a human lie detector. They can target one player each night and learn their alignment (but not role). // The Decapitator is a violent brute. They have two nightkills that can be used on nights two and four.

The Azure Investigator is a world class detective. They can target one player each night and learn their role (but not alignment). // Madam Guardian is a protector of the people. They can target one player each night, and if their target is also targeted by a night kill then Madam Guardian dies instead.

Webspinner is capable of tying someone up in their webs. They can target one player each night and block all actions performed by and on that player. // Pomegrenadier is a grape guru; a melon master; a berry fairy. They can target one player each night and give them a fruit.

Super Nurse keeps a watchful eye over their patients. They may target one player each night and block all actions performed on that player. // The Eye sees more than they let on. At the start of the game, they are given the name of one town player.

The Grimdark Antihero is super gritty and totally badass and is totally a hero for adults not kids and only appears in washed out sepia tones. Each night they target one player to kill. They have their own alignment and win condition (see Rules below). This role cannot be claimed by a member of the Brothers and Sisters in Evil and Villainy, LLC. // The Ears hear more than they let on. At the start of the game, they are given the name of one role that is present in the game.

Rubber Guy is made of rubber, and you are glue. They can choose to activate their power on any one night; when active, any night actions that target Rubber Guy instead are reflected back at their originator (meaning cops would investigate themselves, and a night kill would kill the perpetrator). // Tick Tock Boy is a ticking time bomb. If night killed, the perpetrator dies with them. If day killed, a random person who voted for them dies as well.

Ms. Telepathy can communicate stealthily with anyone. They can target one player each night and share a QT with that player for the following day phase. // The World’s Greatest Sidekick is capable of anything that their ward can do. Upon the death of the first player with a role, The World’s Greatest Sidekick takes on that role.

The Brick Wall is impenetrable. They can target one player each night and block all actions performed by that player. // Adjudicator is the absolute judge of character. Once per game, they may choose to activate their power to prevent a day kill. If they activate this power, there is no day kill for that phase.

The Dueling Dynamo is a master of one-on-one fighting. Once per game, they may activate their power to reset all existing votes and enter a head-to-head vote-off with a player of their choice. They cannot use this ability within one hour of twilight. // The Armorer is known for their skill at crafting weapons. They can target one player each night and give them a weapon, which can be used only on the following night as a night kill.

Silver Tongue is capable of convincing anyone of anything. Once per game, they may target a player at night and recruit them to the Brothers and Sisters in Evil and Villainy, LLC. This role cannot be claimed by a member of the Hero Force. // General Generic is so vanilla, they are more vanilla than vanilla. Once per game, they may activate their power and double the strength of their vote for that day phase.

Lookout Man and Sentinel Woman are both watchers in the night. Each night they are informed of any player (Player Insomniac) or any role (Role Insomniac) that targeted them that night.

Reflector Boy and Avenging Girl are both masters of the counterattack. If they are day killed, either the first vote (First vote Saint) or last vote (Last vote Saint) for them is killed as well.

The Ultra Twins are crime-fighting siblings who do everything together. The Twins share a QT. Any night or day action performed on one is performed on both. If only one person claims this role, then they are left in a QT alone, sad and by themselves.


There are currently 15 living players, and 4 living members of The Brothers and Sisters in Evil and Villainy, LLC.

Win conditions:

  • Hero Force wins when The Brothers and Sisters in Evil and Villainy, LLC, are eliminated from the game and The Grimdark Antihero is eliminated from the game.
  • The Brothers and Sisters in Evil and Villainy, LLC, win when their numbers are equal to or greater than 50% of the remaining players left in the game.
  • The Grimdark Antihero (if they are in the game) wins when the other two factions have at most one member remaining each.

General role rules:

  • Order of actions is: Mirror, Roleblocker, Jailer, Healer, [all other actions including night kills], Cops.
  • Roles cannot target the same player twice in a row. The only exception is night kills.
  • If an x-shot role is blocked by any means, that usage of the role is lost.
  • Any power that affects day kills cannot be used at KIOBKI.

Additional rules:

  • The Brothers and Sisters in Evil and Villainy, LLC, must assign their factional kill to an individual. The same player cannot be assigned the kill two nights in a row, unless they are the only member of the faction remaining.
  • Eliminated players will be roleclaimed.
  • Self-votes will not be counted, unless it is the vote that triggers autokill.
  • At twilight, the player with the most votes will be eliminated. In the event of a tie, tiebreakers follow “first past the post” rules (i.e. if two players tie at five votes each, the first to receive a fifth vote will be day killed).
  • Anything posted in game threads (such as spreadsheets) will be considered part of the game, and therefore must abide by game rules. This means that if a player is eliminated, they should not update any materials which have been shared in-game.
  • Feel free to ask any questions in your personal QT or on the game thread.

Neglecting the following rules, in spirit or by the letter, could result in modkilling:

  • No editing posts.
  • No quoting QTs unless otherwise instructed.
  • No game talk after twilight.
  • Respect your fellow players and their feelings. Attack arguments, not people. Everyone has a different play-style. Be accommodating to them.


3.Lindsay RECRUITER (wolf)
4.Goat NEIGHBORIZER (town)
9.Hoho VANILLA (town)
23.Side Character
81.Longbox Jockey


  1. malthusc
  2. RPC


  1. sagittariuskim
  2. dw
  3. Queequeg
  4. moonster
  5. Otakunomike

Twilight is at 6pm Central on Wednesday, August 11th.