American Dad! Season 18 Ep. 17 “The Sinister Fate!”

In which Hayley fears she’s changing

Hayley meets new classmate Eunice who she is initially disgusted by because she’s so old. However, after finding out she’s adventurous even in her old age, Hayley decides she wants to be just like her. But when Klaus states that Hayley is going to turn out just like Francine, Hayley starts freaking out. She attempts to do the complete opposite of Francine to escape her fate. But upon realizing that Jeff is more like Francine that she is, she worries she can’t escape.

When she learns that Eunice and her husband Milford left home at an early age, Hayley decides to leave with Jeff, ending up at Eunice’s house. That’s when its revealed that Eunice and Milford plan to implant their brains in Hayley and Jeff. Before they can implement their plan, Francine and Stan arrive. Eunice and Milford reveal themselves, capture Hayley and Francine and, with the help of Eunice and Morbo’s Frankenstein-esque butler, Morbo, start the process to switch brains (while also prepping their cat to receive Jeff’s brain and knocking Stan out with sleeping pills.) Hayley manages to slip free, freeing Francine. They escape by convincing Morbo to turn on Eunice.

Meanwhile, Roger’s improv group has quit on him, forcing him to use Steve and his friends as his troupe. Of course, Roger takes it too far, believing Steve is a threat to his place in the group. So he gets rid of Steve and replaces him with Buck Knife Joe, a drifter who hangs around the park. Eventually, Roger believes that the whole group is against him, forcing him to replace them all with new people. Those people are eventually revealed to be Roger’s old group, exacting revenge on him and kicking him out, to the amusement of Steve and his friends.

Stray Observations

  • Eunice & Milford’s Frankenstein-esque monster shares his name with the alien broadcaster from Futurama
  • Apparently, Jeff still got his brain switched with the cat
  • I wonder what Klaus would have to say about the brain switching. Let’s be honest, no one cares what Klaus thinks.