Weekly Games Thread Enjoys the Fisticuffs

Happy Monday, everyone, and welcome to the Weekly Video Games Thread! Let’s cut right to the chase: punching. I love me some punching in my videy games. You know that Resident Evil 7 game? It had some DLC about a swamp boxer. A swamp boxer! You see Dudley and Min Min up there? They’re boxers, and they’re great! It doesn’t hurt that they have some great themes.

But that is that, and this is this. For the prompt, what are some boxing or punching mechanics that you really like? Or, if you don’t like them, what do you find interesting? And what about boxing characters? Or boxing games as a whole? Really, let’s just focus on punching. GIFs and other visual aids are, of course, more than recommended as well.

Of course, if you don’t want to talk about that – or if you do and want to also talk about other things – that’s more than good. For instance, what have you been playing as of late?

IMMEDIATE POST PUBLICATION EDIT: Blargg just published a “Late to the Party” on Klanoa; check it out!