Jeopardy! recap for Mon., Aug. 9

Here are today’s contestants:

  • Brian, an attorney, sang hymns in his own “Partridge Family”;
  • Kristen, a public servant, was a pizza driver in Australia; and
  • Matt, a Ph.D. student, once had his mood ruined by guest host Joe Buck. Matt is a thirteen-day champ with winnings of $430,200.

Matt had a $12,600 lead at the first commercial break and scored on all three DDs in a dominating performance, heading into FJ with $44,400 vs. $5,000 for Brian and $1,800 for Kristen.

DD1 – $1,000 – AROUND THE USA – The purple seats near the top of Coors Field tell you you’ve reached this geographic designation (Matt won $4,400 on a true DD.)

DD2 – $1,600 – DEM BONES – Sesamoid bones are found in tendons; the best known is this bone at the lower end of the quadriceps region (Matt won $4,000 from his score of $18,400 vs. $1,000 for Brian.)

DD3 – $1,600 – “A” MOVIES – This 1997 thriller about President Marshall was set largely on the title transport (Matt won $2,000 from his total of $24,000 vs. $1,000 for Brian.)

FJ – BEASTLY EPONYMS – A penguin species found in southern South America is named for this 16th C. man whose crew were the first from Europe to see them

Everyone was incorrect, which was especially painful for Matt because he had the correct response, crossed it out and went with something else. Matt dropped $34,000 to win with $10,400 for a fourteen day total of $440,600.

Wagering strategy: Once again, Matt went with small bets on the last two DDs with very comfortable leads, while making a massive wager on FJ. This differential is curious, especially with DD3 being the smallest bet, since we know that historically, DDs are solved at a higher rate than FJs.

TV troubles: No one knew the NBC series about a master criminal who helps the FBI catch people like him is “The Blacklist”.

Correct Qs: DD1 – What is mile high? DD2 – What is patella? DD3 – What is “Air Force One”? FJ – Who was Magellan? (Matt crossed out Magellan and wrote Drake.)