The Night Thread Talks Bresson Album Favorites #6

6 out out of 7 people. I decided to do some stuff related to my ongoing review/talkabout/long winded rants about my vinyl collection that can be found on this site under the Crate Skimmers moniker. So i’m going to talk 7 night threads in a row about some albums you might’ve not heard but are well worth a listen.

#6 The God Machine-One Last Laugh in a Place of Dying

There is no more sad album title related to reality then this one. When One Last Laugh released the God Machine already broke up through bassist Jimmy Fernandez passing away through a brain hemorrhage. The story of the band already was a odd one; forming in San Diego in 1990 but moving to the UK around 1992 because they just had allot more succes there the band seems a bit forgotten today. Which is a shame because their two records are among the best to come out of early 90s rock-music.

Heavy rock music that edges really closes to industrial(mostly on the first record), post-rock and post-hardcore but never really seems easy to categorize even nearly 30 years after their release. They for sure meant allot for that wave of 00’s post-rock where every band was doing that build up to loud guitars strumming one chord that is all over this record. But mostly this record perfectly plays with loud-soft dynamics and Robin Proper-Sheppard’s monotone in the best way vocals. It just sounds like allot of stuff that would’ve come out in the years after it and even the very 90s atmospheric metal production on this feels like it’s ahead of what was to come. Just a shame this was out of print for near 16 years and is again out of print at the moment. Luckily since a couple of years both records are atleast on streamings.
One of the few bands that would make sense opening for Godflesh and a slowcore band like Low. Robin Proper-Sheppard formed Sophia after this, whose great live album The Nachten I highly recommend, but their music is way more related to slowcore and indie-folk then the more metal sounds of this record.