The Weekend Politics Thread Has Heard That One Before

♪ On a lark
On a whim
I said there’s two kinds of men in this world and you’re neither of them

And his fist
Cut the smoke
I had an eighth of a second to wonder if he got the joke ♪
A noted funnyman who also picks and sings a bit 1

Albert Einstein2 memorably opined, “God does not tell one-liners to the universe.”3

No. Wait. The other superfamous person named Albert Einstein wrote,4 wrote that quantum theory “produces a good deal but hardly brings us closer to the secret of the Old One. I am at all events convinced that He does not play dice.” Which usually gets mangled into “God does not play dice with the universe” by a misquoter who desires nothing more than to deploy the bogus aphorism as a never-intended defense of intelligent design.

Leaving aside the question of why anyone should take the word of a guy who could not hold on to a job as a patent clerk as gospel, the point that rules and explanations exist has merit. Even the spookiest and most-distant action happens for a reason.

That reason? God enjoys a good laugh as much as the next mythic motivating essence made in man’s image. How else to understand Buddhists in Myanmar devoting themselves to both achieving oneness with all and genociding Muslims? Killer irony indeed.

Or, closer to home, enjoy a sensible chuckle when scanning the details of why the U.S. Department of Justice gave known inveterate liar Rudy Giuliani a pass for lying about sabotaging the 2016 presidential election. Turns out, he said no when investigators asked him if he lied. Case closed.

“Giuliani told the OIG that he had not received any information about any ongoing FBI investigations, including then Director Comey’s decision to re-open the Hillary Clinton email investigation,” the report states. …
   While the FBI identified four employees it believed may have been in contact with him, the OIG found the numbers corresponded with the main telephone line of the law firm where Giuliani worked as well as two phone numbers for businesses that had not been affiliated with Giuliani since 2007.
   “The telephone numbers attributed by the FBI to Giuliani were not, therefore, specific to Giuliani. Accordingly, the purported investigative leads provided by the FBI based on alleged FBI employee contacts with Giuliani were inaccurate,” the report concluded.

Or howl at this news item originating right down the street from your Weekend Politics Thread host’s home, “Virginia House of Delegates Candidate Campaigns Against COVID Relief Funds Despite Receiving $750K for His Businesses.”

Hold up. That howling sounds like rage instead of mirth. As it should.

A regularly cited equation propounds that comedy equals tragedy plus time. Mel Brooks receives credit for refining that formula to include physical distance and psychological remove, quipping, “Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die.

Now, allow Uvular to tie the more disparate than usual threads of this thread header together by observing that only a gods-eye view from millions of lightyears’ distance could make ethnic cleansing, treason or rank graft and hypocrisy funny. Watchmen’s Comedian may have pretended to see and revel in the absurdity, but he lied. Still, it can help preserve perspective to occasionally take half a step back from the fight against cruelty and injustice to see the farcical and slapstick elements of it all.

Which justifies the existence of the Politics Thread. Laugh instead of crying? Let’s, but not every time and never at the expense of the less powerful or victimized.