The Night Thread Talks Bresson Album Favorites #3

3 out out of 7 people. I decided to do some stuff related to my ongoing review/talkabout/long winded rants about my vinyl collection that can be found on this site under the Crate Skimmers moniker. So i’m going to talk 7 night threads in a row about some albums you might’ve not heard but are well worth a listen.

#3 Royal Headache-Royal Headache

You ever heard that joke about the band that needed to cancel their EU tour twice because several members couldn’t get time off work or got called in the last minute? That joke was Royal Headache from Sydney, Australia. For those in the known Australia been a long time hotbed for anything great guitar music related and boy this band fits that rule to a thumb. Playing a powered up kind of garage band power-pop their 2011 self-titled record remains one of my favorite ‘pure’ rock records of the last decade. Just 25 minutes of pure 3 chord galore bliss with the extremely passionate vocals of Shogun(no really) making this a none miss record. Boy does it hold up ten years later maybe even more through it’s fun lo-fi but not overly forced production and easy to sing/scream along lyrics