Insert Intermission Here

The other day, I came across an ebay page that had sold a DVD of Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Yeah, who cares, right? What got me was the fact that it said that it was only one disc. 242 minutes on a single disc. That cannot be right, can it?

Well, I went looking and…it seems like it can be, at least for double-layer discs. From the articles that I had read, double layer DVDs and Blu-rays can hold maybe 4 and a half hours worth of High Definition video, and perhaps even more, since those articles are most likely out of date. But, that meant that this single DVD of Justice League would not split the movie up. No intermission. That got me looking back to the intermission discussions from several years back. Supposedly, the last major Hollywood film to have an intermission prior to was the Indian-set film Gandhi from 1982. The movie was 191 minutes long and the intermission came in at around 92 minutes in. Now, perhaps Tarantino had reintroduced it, but it has not stuck overall.  Huh…I thought that Branagh’s Hamlet had an intermission. Maybe. Maybe not, but it seems that my memories of movies from the 1990s and the early 2000s was due to watching the movies on videos and DVDs that just stopped the movies at some point.
Since there has been all this talk about movies these days being long and not having intermissions, I figured, why not imagine our own intermissions into movies? And, yes, imagine, because this is not a real thing that I suggest that you actually put the physical effort into doing to the movie itself and ruin the director’s vision or whatever. Personally, I would say that anything over 145 minutes could use an intermission, but you could have your threshold runtime be shorter or longer. 
So, here are the ones that I could think of. I actually checked on Amazon and, with the exception of The Irishman, there are versions of these for sale on single discs. And, of course, you can choose the same movies and cut in other places.
The Handmaiden – 145 minutes. Around 63 minutes, where it switches to Part Two. It kind of cuts back and forth, making it a little difficult to make it clean, but this is all just hypothetical anyways.
Gone Girl – 149 minutes. Around 66 minutes right after THAT line. Heck, the screen is black when it is said.
Tenet – 150 minutes. Perhaps 73 minutes in, just as Sator goes into the…thingamee. It is part of the way through the firetruck scene, but I think that it cuts well.
The Dark Knight – 152 minutes. Perhaps 72 minutes in when I am the Batman or maybe 83 minutes in when we got him.
Inglourious Basterds – 153 minutes. I guess 64 minutes in, when Fassbender enters the picture. Since the chapters are a little more cleanly cut than in The Handmaiden, it should be easier.
Pulp Fiction – 154 minutes. Hmmm…this is a little tricky. The title card for The Gold Watch comes in just before minute 69, which is pretty close to the middle. But the start of that story is a little over minute 63, and that stopping point is cleaner.
Transformers: Age of Extinction – 165 minutes. Around minute 83, so just over halfway through, when
Tessa gets kidnapped. 

The whole thing is in slow motion, so it should be easy.

Heat – 170 minutes. Either just before minute 89 when

the two characters meet

or at around minute 95 when it is all over.  

Braveheart – 178 minutes. Maybe at minute 93 at the end of Stirling or during minute 97 after that whole other sequence. Both would involve interrupting the music, but whatever.  

The Wolf of Wall Street – 180 minutes. Just before 98 minutes. Fun coupons to Switzerland. Again, cutting into a music bit.  

The Irishman – 209 minutes. I get the impression that the Criterion Collection DVD of this has the entire movie on one disc and the supplemental material on the other disc. Maybe at 98 minutes when you knew it was all going to fall apart or just before 107 minutes when they are driving off.  

Zack Snyder’s Justice League – 242 minutes. This is the only movie on this list that I have not seen, but it was the one that kicked off this idea. Since the movie has chapters, why not use them? Part 4 starts a little over 111 minutes in while Part 5 starts just under 142 minutes in. I would pick the former, since 142 minutes is already pushing it in terms of run-time.