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Today’s Discussion – Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad will be hitting theaters at the end of the week.

Today we will be discussing Task Force X!

The Suicide Squad was reunited back in the 1980s by John Ostrander and his run is the one in which all others are measured. I enjoyed the New 52 run and there has been high praise for the Infinite Frontier run which has been on a tear recently.

Who is your favorite member or members of the Suicide Squad and why? If you can’t pick just one or two, tell us your favorite ensemble group instead.

Which comic run is your favorite?

The Suicide Squad has been featured on Smallville, Arrow, and in the DC Animated Universe.

I think the appeal of this group is a mishmash of lesser known and popular villains forced to work together to help save the day and knowing that the members you have grown to love won’t be making it home.

What did you like about the original movie and what would you have changed to make it better?

What are you looking forward to in the sequel?

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