The Friday Politics Thread Accepts Some Substitutes

Good [Whenever you read this] Wasp here subbing in for your regular host to bring you the Friday Politics Thread! [Fanfare Goes Here.]

The header today I think will be a bunch of various articles and things I saw this week that I liked and I think y’all should read too! I’ll even put them in numbered lists. The only lists approved by the internet!

  1. German Lopez at Vox explaining the big Infrastructure bill that’s been a hot topic this week:
  2. The Queen of Scream Queens Jamie Lee Curtis has a new interview with AARP Magazine that reveals among other things that Curtis has a 25 year old Trans Daughter!
  3. Jessie Gender “dissecting” a rather awful 60 Minutes Segment on Trans Healthcare:

4. Devin Wallace For McSweeneys is worried that more development will ruin the character of his neighborhood (Spoiler that character is Systemic Racism:)

5. Also at McSweeneys Carlos Greaves has created a handy flowchart to use when we’re not sure if we can criticize Simone Biles:

6. Over at The Cato Institute (Ew I know but hear this one out) Roger P. Alford and Benjamin H. Harris talk about the stranglehold The National Association of Realtors (NAR) has on the market, the anti competitive practices they’re doing and possible solutions:

7. Moving along to the Urban Institute Laura Wheaton Linda Giannarelli Ilham Dehry have some numbers showing that Pandemic Aid succeeded in causing a 45% drop in the US Poverty rate! Good Things have Good Consequences:

8. Stitch at Teen Vogue looks at Jasper Cullen from Twilight and the trope of Confederate Vampires in Vampire fiction:

9. Coral Ministries Megachurch loses the right to be homophobic reports Molly Sprayregen for Them

10. Here’s a fun Cartoon to reward everyone for reading (or skipping) this far down!

That’s it! That’s my first ever PT Header! What you think? Let Me Know in the comments but please screen all complaints with my Lawyers Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe first.