Job Rants Thread – 7/30/2021 – Extracurriculars

Hey all; Healthy Friday –

Once again, I’m dismayed to admit that this week’s post comes to you from a place of extreme fatigue and damn-near complete apathy; though. rest-assured it has nothing to do with either yourselves or this column. No, rather, it’s just a combination of me still having to adjust to both this new schedule; which is going slower than I’d like. That’s the bad news. The good news is that, I think I’ve found a solution: I finally bit the bullet and signed back up for the gym!

That’s right my friends; I’m officially a gym-rat, again. And hopefully, with a bit of grit a dash of determination, and a Costco-sized pallet of luck, my schlubby, pushing-40, wage-slave self will soon be back in the somewhat fitter and healthier form of my schlubby, pushing-35, wage-slave self! (Gotta keep the goals realistic, after all) And of course, with that new physical health, will hopefully come with the normalization of sleep patterns that have been eluding me for, oh, the past eighteen months, or so.

How about yourselves? Now that things are, for a very relative use of the term, normalizing in places, are you all finding yourselves getting drawn back into any of the old activities that helped to keep you sharp in the face of toil and drudgery? I hope so, because, while I can’t speak for any of you, I can say that, after things being how they’ve been for so long, I. NEED. THIS.

As ever, have a safe and productive rest of the day, safe trip home if out, and a great weekend. And remember: when it comes to decompressing, ANY activity is better than none.