WW159: The Werewolves of Monkey Island – Day Two

The Voodoo Lady stared into her cauldron, waiting for the eyes of newt to form a pattern. Just as they began to congeal into a face that she recognized, the candles in the International House o’ Mojo flickered; someone had been at the door. Quickly chanting a protective spell, the Voodoo Lady stepped inside her pentagram, where her “little girl pirate” illusion dropped. “No earthly force can penetrate this barrier!” she yelled.

“No earthly force has,” answered a voice in return. Plucking a bone from their own ribcage, they bonked the Voodoo Lady on the head in a comical manner. “This’ll get me in solid with LeChuck,” they cackled to no one in particular.

DWEAD PIWATE ANGELA (Louie) has died. They were the VOODOO LADY (Town Investigator).

Meanwhile, Miguel and Tulio were resting comfortably in their room in the inn, when there was a knocking at the window shutter. “Get it, Miguel,” said Tulio. “Get it yourself, Tulio,” said Miguel.

“Don’t get up,” said the fruit-headed figure who entered through the window. “The good news is: I’m not going to kill you and eat you.”

“What a relief!” said Tulio.

“Yeah, red meats are right out for me these days. So: I’m just going to kill you.” He leveled his spear at the two would-be pirates.

The two friends embraced for a final time. Tulio spoke first. “If it’s any consolation, Miguel, you made my life an adventure.” Miguel nodded. “And if it’s any consolation, Tulio, you made my life… rich.”

“Aw, that’s sweet,” said Lemonhead right before he shish-kebabbed the two.

MIGUEL AND TULIO (Side Character) have died. They were a PERSON OF LOW MORAL FIBER(TM) (Vanilla Town).


Breakfast at the Scumm(TM) Bar is biscuits and gravy, though you’ve eaten here enough to suspect that the gravy is concealing something far more sinister than biscuits. As you eat, a commotion stirs outside; through the window, you see a one-eyed, one-legged, one-armed pirate being carried on the shoulders of other pirates.

You run outside to see what’s going on, and a pirate tells you, “Ol’ Stinky Pete done gone and stole hisself the Idol of Many Hands! He’s gonna be the most famous and richest pirate on Melee Island! Sez it was left completely unguarded in the middle of the town square! Can you believe it?”

You can, unfortunately, believe it, and trudge back into the bar where the Pirate Council awaits you again.

“Congratulations!” one of them yells. “Ye’ve passed the First Trial! Grog all around!” The Scumm™ Bar serving lad promptly appears with three mugs of grog and sets them on the table; you can’t help but notice that they didn’t bring any for you. Awkwardly, you wait for the Pirate Council to finish drinking and then they turn their attention to you again. Well, ‘attention’ may be a strong word. They notice that you’re still in the room, at any rate.

Your second trial, they tell you, begins today: The Trial of Swordfighting.

*A barrel in the corner of the bar holds a variety of swords. You pick one up. It’s shiny and sharp! After bandaging your hand, you resolve to hold it by the hilt from now on.*

After elbowing the two other Pirate Council members awake, the oldest one leans forward and speaks in a slurred, hushed voice. ‘Slushed’, if you will.

“Now I’m gonna let you in on the true secret of sword fighting. Any fool pirate can swing a sharp piece of metal around and hope to cut something… but the pros…they know just when to cut their opponent with an insult or a joke. One that catches ’em off guard. You see, kids, your wit’s got to be twice as sharp as your sword. For example, consider the following:

“Ho, ho! Well played, pirate-to-be! A cow! That’ll show him! Oh, we have fun around here. Anyway, show us you’ve got the right swordfighting chops and the Pirate Council will bestow you with… ..uh… let’s see. Gotta have something around here…”

*the Pirate Council disappears into the kitchen of the Scumm™ Bar and returns holding a large metal object smelling vaguely of boiled rat*

“…the coveted Pirate Council Helmet of Dueling!”

“Hmm? Well, sure, it LOOKS like an ordinary cooking pot. But it’s definitely not. Ha! Ha! Boy, you sure do have a lot to learn about being a pirate. Now, get out of here and get to work!”

Day 2 Event

For today’s trial, show the Pirate Council you can handle a quick blade with a quick wit by submitting your best pirate joke or pirate insult in the SWORDFIGHTING THREAD below. It can be short, long, whatever you like, just make it piratey and funny! You may only submit one entry. The winner will be chosen from all submissions at Twilight, at which point the winner will be revealed and will receive the Pirate Council Helmet of Dueling, the effects of which will be communicated to them in their QT.



Wins the game when all Wolves and the SK have been sent to Davy Jones’ Credenza (the graveyard).

PERSONS OF LOW MORAL FIBER™ (8) – Vanilla Town, but don’t call them pirates! Yet.

GUYBRUSH THREEPWOOD (1) – Town Lover. Desperately wants to be a pirate, and desperately in love with Governor Marley. Paired with ELAINE MARLEY, with whom they share a QT. If either Guybrush or Elaine is killed, the other one dies as well. Should Guybrush and Elaine both survive to Day 6, they lose their shared vulnerability, because TRUE LOVE IS MAGICAL.

GOVERNOR ELAINE MARLEY (1) – Town Lover. Strong, smart, fearless Governor of Melee Island, and for reasons she can’t quite explain is in love with Guybrush Threepwood. Paired with GUYBRUSH THREEPWOOD, with whom they share a QT. If either Elaine or Guybrush is killed, the other one dies as well. Should Elaine and Guybrush both survive to Day 6, they lose their shared vulnerability, because TRUE LOVE IS MAGICAL.

HERMAN TOOTHROT (1) – Town Fisherman. Having been cast away for years on Monkey Island™, Herman has developed a knack for fishing. As a Night Action, Herman may choose to fish for one item from the following list, with a percentage chance of success:

  • Spyglass – 25% (1-time use; can use on a player to determine whether Night Actions were performed on or by the player)
  • Musket – 20% (1-time use; Vigilante shot)
  • Bandages – 10% (1-time use; can use on another player to prevent them from being killed at night)
  • Rusty Helmet – 20% (1-time use; provides immunity from night kill to player using it)
  • Message In A Bottle – 15% (1-time use; allows player to ask question of the graveyard)

Once an item has been caught, it may not be caught again. Upon catching the item, Herman must choose to either keep it or send it to another player. The item will be available for use beginning the Night AFTER it was caught. Herman may EITHER Fish OR use any caught items as a Night Action.

VOODOO LADY (1) – Town Investigator. As a Night Action, the Voodoo Lady may submit the name of one player to use her mystical powers of foresight (and probably a disturbing amount of snakes) to reveal their alignment (“town” or “scum”).

STAN (1) – Town Jailer. Stan is the fast-talking owner of Stan’s Previously Owned Vessels, the only place on Melee Island™ to buy a ship. As a Night Action, Stan may submit the name of one player to corner and give a hard sell to, effectively both roleblocking that player and preventing any number of night kills targeting that player. May not target themselves, nor can they target the same player on consecutive nights.


Win the game when there is no SK and there are as many or more wolves remaining as there are town.

GHOST PIRATE LeCHUCK (1) – Wolf Roleblocker. The legendary Ghost Pirate LeChuck haunts the seas around Melee Island™. As a Night Action, LeChuck will submit the name of one player to cancel any Night Actions carried out by that player. Cannot block the same player on consecutive nights.

LeChuck will also designate the Vanilla Wolf that carries out the night kill and will not carry out night kills themself unless no Vanilla Wolves remain. While LeChuck can be killed, legends aren’t so easy to get rid of: if LeChuck is killed, a Vanilla Wolf chosen by RNG becomes The Legend of Ghost Pirate LeChuck (see below), and performs the same functions. This will continue until all wolves are eliminated.

If Ghost Pirate LeChuck (the real one, not the legend, we’re not monsters) survives to Night 6, he and any remaining Skeleton Crew receive permanent Night Kill/Vig Shot Immunity, starting Night 6.

THE LEGEND OF GHOST PIRATE LeCHUCK (?) – Wolf Roleblocker. Assigned and activated only if Ghost Pirate LeChuck is killed, or if the current Legend of Ghost Pirate LeChuck is killed (it’s super hard to get rid of Pirate legends). Chosen by RNG from remaining Skeleton Crew. Functions identically to Ghost Pirate LeChuck, despite not actually being LeChuck.

SKELETON CREW (3) – Vanilla Wolf/Backup Wolf Roleblocker. Undead pirates now trapped in service to their ghostly leader for eternity, or whenever they get killed (again). Each Night, one of the Skeleton Crew will be assigned by the Wolf Roleblocker to carry out the night kill. Should the current Wolf Roleblocker be killed, one of the remaining Skeleton Crew will be assigned as The Legend of Ghost Pirate LeChuck (see above) by RNG. This will continue until all wolves are eliminated.

Serial Killer

Wins the game if all other players have been sent to Davy Jones’ Credenza (the graveyard).

LEMONHEAD, THE INDIGENOUS VEGETARIAN CANNIBAL (1) – Serial Killer. Cholesterol issues have turned Lemonhead from a bloodthirsty cannibal to a juicethirsty vegetarian. Nonetheless, they’re determined to prevent anyone from discovering the Secret of Monkey Island ™. Each night as a Night Action the Serial Killer will submit the name of one person to be killed. At least they won’t be eaten!


No quoting or screencapping from QTs. Do not ask other players about their QTs in an attempt to figure out what role they have.

You cannot edit any of your posts. I mean, clearly you can, but you shouldn’t, because it’s a clear violation of the Pirate Council bylaws, and if you do that then you can just forget all about becoming a pirate, buddy.

Wolf and SK night kill actions are mandatory. Vig kills, if they become available, are optional.

A tie vote at Twilight results in RNG amongst the tied players.

Be nice: Attack arguments, not people.

Night Action Order of Operations: Blocking > jailing > investigation > fishing > ALL TEH KILLZ.

Remember that play styles differ, and this game is only as fun as people are kind (murderous, but kind). Most importantly, have fun!


  1. sic – The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything
  2. Nate – Peter Pan (Vanilla Town)
  3. April – Theodore the Octopus
  4. MacCrocodile – Antoine DuCrocque
  5. Lamb Dance – Sir Davos Seaworth
  6. Goat – Capt. Horatio McCallister, The Frying Dutchman, prop.
  7. Indy – The Cart Boy
  8. emm – Kitty Witless
  9. hoho – Yo Ho Hoho. Possum Pirate
  10. Lindsay – Pebbles the Parrot
  11. raven – Cobb the Pirate (Ask Her About LOOM!)
  12. jake – The Pirate Who Likes Sunsets And Kittens
  13. Side Character – Miguel & Tulio (Vanilla Town)
  14. Louie – Dwead Piwate Angela (Town Investigator)
  15. Warrior – Monkey Pirate (Pirate Monkey?)
  16. Lovely Bones – Murray the Demonic Skull
  17. Flubba – Sam Arrow
  18. Andiddy – Scurvy
  19. Dicentra – A Library Book
  20. Hayes – Tetra


  1. Junkrat


Swordfighting Thread closes at Twilight.

Twilight is at 12pm PST (3pm EST) on Friday, July 30.