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I came across this header image and quote when looking for something entirely different.  But, I can’t believe I haven’t dug into Edmund Wilson before this – he proposed marriage to Anaïs Nin by criticizing her surrealism and promising to teach her to write. Smooth move, dude.  A Freudian and Marxist literary critic and writer, Wilson worked for Vanity Fair, The New Republic, The New Yorker, and NYRB.  He inspired the creation of The Library of America series of books, and helped the careers of some notable members of the 20th century canon.  Mostly the quote makes me wonder how anyone can read Twilight without yelling at Bella to try college or travel before giving up her soul and living forever with her first boyfriend.  But, to Wilson’s point, we all have our own takes on what we consume.  Does the quote bring up anything for you?

Note on the future:  This is week #279 of Book Nook, and 5 ½ years is a long time for one person to be at the helm. It’s time for someone else to have fun with it!  This is my last post, and I’m delighted to announce that our friend Warmerdam is taking over.  Thanks to everyone who contributed discussion topics, and to all of you for making this my favorite thread on the Avocado.  I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next in this space!