Big Daddy Mars

The Big Daddy Mars Day Thread (July 27, 2021)

2001’s John Carpenter’s Ghosts of Mars capped off a trilogy of dodgy films for the venerable director. It was originally set to be another Kurt Russell Snake Plisskin story before Escape From LA flopped (unsurprisingly, considering the quality of it). Sandwiched between those two was 1998’s Vampires, which received a mixed reception despite making its money back at the box office.

Starring Natasha Henstridge and Ice Cube as “Deslolation” Jones it is set on Mars, surprisingly enough, and features ghosts who possess unfortunate human settlers. Looking all burly and fierce, the main villain Big Daddy Mars was portrayed by Richard Cetrone, a prolific stuntman in practically every major action film over the past two decades, most recently played Zeus in Zack Snyder’s execrable Army of the Dead.

Carpenter reputedly wanted the film to be in the mode of meatheaded 80’s action films like Commando and Predator, but sadly it just comes across as a reddish-grey slog, an overlong level of one of the lesser Doom computer games.

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