Rick and Morty S5E6 – Rick & Morty’s Thanksploitation Spectacular

It’s time for a Rick and Morty Thanksgiving special, released with delightful devil-may-care insolence in the middle of July. This may be only the second holiday episode we’ve seen – the last one we got was way back in season 1 with Anatomy Park – but it’s also the second episode this season where the plot is ‘Rick and Morty team up with the president to fight off an attack by something ridiculous.’ And yet this episode soars so far above Rickdependence Spray that it’s almost a relief to see them do this idea again and get it right.

Rick and Morty are doing a National Treasure when Morty accidentally destroys the Constitution (as well as the Liberty Bell and the Lincoln Memorial, and releases a steampunk French assassinbot that’s been in the Statue of Liberty the whole time) and gets Rick on the President’s shit list. Fortunately, Rick can just turn himself into a turkey and trick the President (who we learn in this episode is named President Curtis) into pardoning him – but he’s done this before and Curtis has a counter-plan already in place that involves soldiers turning into turkeys and ambushing him. The fact that there are so, so many better ways that both of them could handle this is what makes it so perfect – it’s two guys with unlimited resources and huge egos one-upping each other into a spiral of bizarre nonsense.

The second half of the episode, where Rick, Morty, and President Curtis team up to fight an army of turkey supersoldiers, loses a little of the anything-can-happen spirit of the beginning – a big gory battle is just a big gory battle, even when there are beefy turkeys and ancient aliens involved. But it’s well done, with some flat-out great moments (the turkey pulling out his own wishbone and wishing to explode – chef’s kiss!), and it’s nice to see Rick and the President have a team-up.

Overall, a very fun episode and a return to fine form for the show; have we passed through the middle-of-the season weak spot? The next episode is the giant robot one that got leaked, and I’ve avoided learning any specifics but I’ve heard it’s very good. See you then!

  • Morty shoots Lincoln in the back of the head. Too soon?
  • Man, if they knew this one was in the pipeline then that damn sperm episode is even less defensible, though.
  • I enjoyed the background story of France conquering New York and everyone just kind of letting it slide because they’re dealing with other things.
  • Rick has a whole bunch of identical copies of his, Morty’s, and Summer’s outfits on standby, which is simultaneously a ‘cartoon characters always wear the same thing’ joke and a joke about how often they end up naked.