The July 25th Days Sees a Lone Rider

It occurs to me that I haven’t made an OT about a Johnny Cash song. Let me rectify that.

2002’s American Recordings IV was the last album Cash released during his life; the singer would die of complications from a neuro-degenerative disease the following year. Cash had been grappling with poor health for years, but continued to record up until the very end. It’s impossible to listen to American Recordings IV and not be struck with the sense that Cash is coming to terms with his own mortality through his art. Although Cash’s cover of “Hurt” (for good reason) is the most famous track from the album (and the gateway for a young Sheltie into Johnny Cash’s work), one of my personal favorites is “I Hung My Head”. “I Hung My Head” is a cover of a song by Sting, of all people, that slows the tempo considerably from the original and infuses it with a heartbreaking fragility.