Going Bonkers For Totole Sunday Food Thread 7/25

A while back my wife came across Totole Imitation Chicken Bouillon in a Chinese cooking blog and it’s become a dominant flavor factor in our kitchen recently. I believe it’s vegan, and am sure it’s loaded with MSG, and it has really upped the flavor game in a lot of our foods. After using it for several Asian recipes we gave it a try in Mexican rice and ain’t looking back. I’m sure there are many of you ‘cados who are familiar with this ingredient but for us it was a revelation to be sure.

Makes me wonder what else is out there for us to find. And I wonder what we might be using that we consider a pantry staple that is completely unknown to others. I am glad to know that even though the internet puts so much at our fingertips, with a little digging and adventuring there’s still so much more new things to find.