PT Hopes His Birthday Day Thread Is Better Than Super Sentai’s 39th Year (7/21)

Today is my birthday. Yay for my birthday! I’ve done some fun things with my birthday thread in the past, so let’s do that yet again. I am 39 today, one more step until I am that dreaded number of oldness. And with this, let’s talk about the thirty-ninth Super Sentai, which is…

…oh no. OHHHH NOOOOOOOOOO. Frankly, I should have waited for next year to do this.

The thirty-ninth Super Sentai was Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, which aired a full year starting in February 2015. It was adapted as Power Rangers Ninja Steel out west, which despite having never seen that, I can make a startling claim that it was probably better than its source material. Because Ninninger sucked.

Subtitle does not indicate actual performance from character.

It featured a leader who, at the time, was the biggest Poochie in the history of the Super Sentai franchise. (If Takaharu is not on screen, we should ask…where’s Takaharu?) He got all the upgrades, killed the most cool-looking commander BY HIMSELF and had a catchphrase for which he was getting fired up…the actor in no way able to emote said feeling of being “fired up” ever.

An American obsessed with ninjas who went to Japan to become a ninja? And he has a transformation device shaped like a hamburger? And his giant robot is a bison? I mean, you can’t screw that up, right? Right?

There’s even a sixth member who comes from America and has a burger-shaped phone as a transformation device. You would think that would be awesome! And yet the show doesn’t get any better! I will say that the rest of the cast is fine to good, including a Blue from England who has magic for some reason and is obsessed with his lawnmower, and also one of the best Pinks ever in that she is strikingly competent and should have been the leader. But they can’t save a boring narrative, complete nothings of villains and the infinite sadness of one of the least competent leaders in the history of Super Sentai.

I was going to write more about the series, but then suddenly realized that no one cares about a deep dive of most Super Sentai shows, especially shows like this piece of junk. In summary, here’s a GIF from the crossover movie featuring the previous year’s FAR SUPERIOR Super Sentai, Express Sentai ToQger.

If I decide to keep this gimmick going for another year, thank goodness there’s a much better series that happened on the franchise’s 40th anniversary! Even considering that I’ll be 40 and seriously questioning what I’ve done so far in my life.

Have a great day thread, and overall a great day!