The July 20, 2021 Night Thread Is Not About Adam Driver

This night thread is not about the celebrated and extraordinarily prolific actor named Adam Driver, who was born in San Diego California on November something 1983 and raised in Mishawaka, Indiana. This thread header will not mention his experiences as a Marine, his Julliard school training, or his breakout roles in such things as Girls or the Star Wars sequel trilogy. We’re not going to talk about the fact that Adam Driver is probably at this very second somewhere in Ohio filming (working title) White Noise, his FOURTH movie made in the LAST YEAR that includes The Last Duel, 65, and The House of Gucci. And this night thread will absolutely not discuss Annette, a surreal French rock opera written by the cult band Sparks and directed by Leos Carax which stars Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard and apparently a series of absolutely terrifying puppets. Yes I said puppets. The movie titled Annette that we’re not going to talk about comes out in America on August 6 for a very short theatrical run, so I’m going to say get your tickets as soon as possible but don’t get them because of anything you read about in this thread because this night thread is not about Adam Driver. Haven’t you been paying attention?

The Last Duel (2021)

Have a good Night Thread!