The Friday Politics Thread ReCoupses itself

I was wondering in the shower today if Trump does run for president again, how Biden/Harris/Whoever will use his coup attempt against him. I know it’s not likely that he’ll actually run again, but how could you not constantly just run images of idiots storming Congress the whole time? It made me feel a little better, oddly. It also gave me something to post about here because I was drawing a blank.

RoRo news: Well..there’s going to be a Crybaby Toobee (or Twobie, or Twobaby Boobie, I haven’t decided yet). RoRo is understandably excited, although I’m not sure she’s considered all the implications to her current lifestyle. We’ll see how she feels in November.

So happy Friday everyone! No Hog Poggling, no Ben Garrison, no being mean to each other. Respect each other, don’t threaten to harm anyone, love your local mod.